Chris Dermody

Product Builder

Web Developer

A web application to help developers and programmers build beautifully designed portfolios in minutes

Technology is built using Angular2+, with a node backend for handling API requests, and runs on Heroku. Payments are handled via Stripe, Firebase provides the database solution and Bootstrap3 is the CSS framework of choice for this project

A simple web app built to quickly find jobs in Ireland. Users enter the search term and desired county, and are offered job listings from 3 of the most popular job sites in Ireland


Jobbie uses Bootstrap3 for a mobile-first layout, with jQuery for easy page manipulation. On the backend an Express/Node.js app lives on a Heroku dyno that acts as a middleware to scrape job sites and return the information to the user.

My Delivery Pal

An Android application for delivery drivers and couriers, making them faster and more efficient at their job


Delivery Pal is build with Ionic, Angular, and Firebase for real-time location tracking. Integrating with the Google Maps API for address lookup and navigation. A Node.js server hosted on Heroku acts as a middle-man, handling backend logic and database updates within Firebase


Mobile Car App

An Android application for vehicle owners to quickly and easily log maintenance and parts costs for their cars.


Vistory is built on the Ionic platform that uses the Angular.js framework to build cross-platform mobile applications. On the backend Vistory uses an Express/Node.js app on Heroku to handle user accounts and authentication, while a remote noSQL database sits on Cloudant for backing up user data

Slack Chat Bot

A Slack chat bot built to quickly check domain name availability across the most popular TLD's.


The Slack bot interacts with a Node.js app living on Heroku, which requests information from a free domain-checking api, parses the response, and delivers a colour-coded response back to the client.

Tools I Use